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Behind Within Her: The Truth Behind The Struggle

A podcast created to encourage, empower, and inspire one another as we overcome the aftermath of trauma-related experiences.

Tune in and get productive!

Welcome to Behind Within Her Podcast, where I will share my personal experiences and have real-life discussions with other women like yourself. We will find ways to navigate through life together by encouraging, empowering, and inspiring one another.


I’m so glad that you’re here! I have dreamt about this day for so very long. The day that I would have the opportunity to connect with many amazing women. I believe that we often try to find ways to inspire, encourage, and empower, however, we can also often find ourselves longing for connection and support in various ways.


I firmly believe that when we are truly connected, we can embrace and speak on all experiences from the good to the downright ugly. From there, we can provide support to each other, grow spiritually, and connect in a deep, authentic way. I started this podcast to create a safe place for women, and can honestly say it was by far the most amazing experience. The goal is that we can find motivation, inspiration, and empowerment in others’ stories and our own.

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This podcast embodies healing methods such as:

  • Any types of trauma

  • Learning, understanding, and practicing self-care/self-love

  • Establishing and practicing new coping methods

During the time that I have been in the podcast world, I have been connecting with some amazing women, and it has increased my passion for maintaining and protecting this space for women. I’m so proud and honored to have met and connected with the many women who’ve shared their stories and given different insights on various topics. 

Join us to experience it for yourself. You can submit a request to talk to us. The first step is a preliminary interview, so I can make sure how to support you. Then, you’ll share your experience on the podcast and begin to feel connections yourself. We are now available on all streaming platforms.


Let’s continue to grow and embrace the beauty within ourselves!

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Latest Episode

Healing Yourself

This week we are continuing our Power of Healing Series and I am super excited to welcome Fatima Banister creator and visionary of Sis Heal Yourself. 

I hope that this conversation is healing for your soul.

Healing Yourself
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